Welcome to Our Reading Journey!

Welcome to the our classroom journey as we built a Culture of Readers in our 6th grade classroom. Looking back at my own childhood experience, I treasure the moments when I was able to talk with my teacher and peers about books. Within our four walls, we are continuously recommending books to one another as well as reading books together. This journey is evolving and why not share this beyond with the world. Students need to have their voices heard so they know they can make an impact on others. We want to spread our love of reading and hope you find a book you can connect with. Please visit blogs from individual students to learn about their passion and find that new book to read. In addition to this we will share our experiences, our struggles, our ideas and how we are reflecting along this journey.



Purpose: The purpose behind the #ReadIt is to have students create, support and encourage reading throughout their school, community and world. It is helping to empower students to make a difference and LOVE reading.

Overview: Students are given a voice to share out their own reading journey. Every few weeks they are responsible for one of the projects from the #ReadIt menu. This menu item will be completed with the library or classroom book they are currently reading. We pride ourselves in reading GREAT books and being familiar with newly published books. You might see an ARC (advanced reading copy) featured on a student page as well. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and get ready to add to your TBR (to be read) list!

Option #1: Book preview with a connecting book

Option #2 Audio excerpt of a book

Option #3: Powerful quote + visual graphic

Option #4: Option #4: Good Reads review